Investing in Arapaho Park
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Our Mission

We aim to renovate Arapaho Park, and in so doing, increase the friendships within our community, the connectedness of our neighbors and the quality of life for those in the surrounding neighborhoods of Far North Dallas.

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Desired Improvements

Updates to Arapaho Park will better facilitate inclusive community use of this unique and beautiful space.

  1. ADA compliant walking pathway connecting Tophill Lane to Tangleglen drive.

  2. Replacing the one worn existing play structure with two separate and age specific playground structures, expanding the appropriate age up to 12 years of age.

  3. An ability inclusive swing set

  4. Additional trees and an upgraded green space

  5. New park benches, picnic tables and a small covered space.


Our fundraising goal

Through donations, fundraisers and corporate partnerships we aim to raise $125,000 by June 2020.



Our money is doubled

Dallas Park and Recreation Department has earmarked matching funds doubling our contribution to bring our total budget to $250,000



One year. One Park. One you.

Here is your opportunity to invest in this coveted space. Consider how Arapaho Park has served you and how you can contribute towards creating a better shared space for all.


Get Involved

  • Are you a part of a local organization or business that would like to make an early contribution to this neighborhood revitalization? 

  • Interested in helping get the word out to our neighbors?

  • Are you a chef that could donate food for a fundraising event?

  • Are you a musician or performer that would be interested in providing entertainment?

  • Do you have a space that could host an event, big or small, in the area?

  • Is there some other skill or good that you would like to donate to be a part of giving back to the neighborhood we all love?

    We want to hear from YOU! 

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